Halal Food Policy


Bashan Starch; undertakes to comply with the following details regarding the products it produces and in the facility where it carries out the production activities of natural corn starch, corn germ, corn gluten feed, corn gluten, glucose syrup, fructose syrup, maltodextrin syrup products.

Bashan Starch;
 To comply with the legal regulations while producing the products;
 The machinery and equipment used during production do not contain any non-halal content;
 There are no toxic or harmful products to human health in the products used as raw materials;
 Not to use food additives containing non-Halal content in the products it produces and in the raw materials used in production;
 The packaging materials used in packaging are produced only from Halal raw materials and are raw materials suitable for contact with food;
 It does not process its products with alcohol and alcoholic products, and the products do not contain alcohol and alcohol is not consumed in the facility;
 No products with non-halal content have been produced since its establishment. And from now on, it will not produce non-halal products;
 During the shipment of raw materials and final products, they are only products used for foods with halal content;
 Preparation, processing, packaging, transportation and storage of halal foods in accordance with the hygiene and sanitation requirements given in international standards;
 Establishes and maintains the preliminary requirements of halal food preparation such as hygiene, sanitation and food safety in accordance with international standards and legal requirements;
 Chemical auxiliary substances/materials used for hygiene-sanitation and production are suitable for use in the halal food sector;
 Establishing and documenting a management system in accordance with legal requirements in line with food safety and halal food standards, ensuring continuous improvement and keeping relevant records appropriately;