Our Quality and Food Safety Policy


Beşan Starch A.Ş. To comply with all national and international quality and food safety standards, regulations and other conditions determined to ensure customer confidence and satisfaction in the Natural Corn Starch, Glucose, Maltose and Fructose, By-Products (Corn Essence, Corn Gluten, Corn Bran) sector, in which we operate. proper production,
To ensure that the statements made to all relevant parties are legal and correct,
To hold our employees at all levels of food production responsible for the integrated management system in order to comply with the hygiene and sanitation rules in all process stages from raw material to product shipment, to carry out training and awareness activities for the continuous improvement of food safety and quality culture, to make employees adopt and implement them,
To establish a sustainable system that will eliminate the dangers that may threaten human health in the processes from the raw material input to the finished product, to produce and maintain high quality products by ensuring product safety, and to review them periodically with measurable targets,
To be in transparent and close communication with our suppliers, consumers and employees,
We are committed to continuously improving existing management systems by providing all necessary resources, including internal and external communication.

Board of Directors